Rooted in much of the country’s history, the Raleigh-Durham area is a nice mix of our past, present and our countries future. Tobacco industry built most of this area and a strong sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit raised it up. Known for being one of the top places for singles, it is also a fine place to raise a family, this part of North Carolina has several identities. Enjoy exploring them all.

Bennett Place

Cite of the largest surrender in the civil war, this historical gem is regarded as where the war ended. Today, the farm house has been restored to lend visitors the opportunity to go back in time and see things as they were in the mid 1800s. Frequently, folks in period garb wander the property playing out recreations and lend information about the past as well as a quick movie at the visitor center. Bennett Place is a significant and fun little pit stop in Durham. Bennett Place is free, but accepts donations and is not open on Sunday’s or most holidays, so plan ahead.

Glenwood South District

There’s a lot of history here in Durham and it’s interesting and great to experience. However, if you want modern and trendy, make your way to the Glenwood South District. It is certainly becoming a bustling part of town because of massive plans to build housing. There are shops, restaurants, and night life options set in a place to welcome guests and residents alike. The district after dark really focuses on adult fun so you can leave the kids behind with the sitter and let your hair down.

Nasher Museum

Located on Duke’s central campus, Nasher Museum is a recent addition being built in 2005. Modern art and a fine rotation of collections from around the world make it a must on your day trip schedule. On occasion there is subject matter that might not be suitable for young children but that’s art. The admission isn’t free but it’s cheap at about $5.00 on average. Get a bite and a drink while you’re here. They serve better than usual fare.

Museum of Life + Science

In Durham, there’s a great place for all ages to explore and interact with science. This museum has indoor and outdoor exhibits that will allow to enjoy on a nice day or to shelter yourself on a bad one. Among the many exhibits are a dinosaur trail, butterfly house, insectariums, and wild life outlook. The list truly goes on and on. The price of admission is a little steeper than Nasher Museum. But, for all you can do and the time you’ll want to spend here it’s a modest amount. Open seven days a week, but the hours vary so check the link to ensure you don’t waste a trip.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

This is a great place to go even if you don’t travel the country looking for gardens. Pick a nice day if you can and get lost for a few hours. Sarah P. Duke Gardens offers an abundance of plant life as well as a coy pond. The garden brings 300,000 visitors in annually partly due to its reputation as one of the premier public gardens in the U.S. The gardens serve as an outdoor classroom and a great place to practice photography. Located on Duke Campus you can easily plan this along with several other sightseeing activities.

Bull City Carriage

The ride is only 30 minutes long but well worth it. Only operating on Friday and Saturday nights, it’s a nice way to see the Bright leaf district and part of the campus at night. Kids are free and there are discounts for couples. Not much more to say. Just jump in with your sweetheart or the kids. Kick back and enjoy the town.

Duke Homestead

Also named from the namesake of many monuments and buildings in the area, the Duke Homestead is a national landmark which has tours and your history lesson in toe. Surprisingly interesting, the history of a tobacco mega power may be overshadowed by the beautifully restored piece of American history. Huge trees and bright green grass settle the senses while you are never too far from the downtown area for some thrills not too far away.

Frankie’s Fun Park

This could be just the break from monotony that you and your family need. Bumper boats, go carts, laser tag, and more. Adults out on a date can enjoy Frankie’s as much as your teenagers will. Well planned to cater to all ages. This is no Chuckie Cheese’s. An Amusement park of sorts, the Raleigh location has plenty of reasons to make your way to Frankie’s on your trip to the area. The park is open until 10:00 pm during the week and 12:00 am on the weekends.