Unique and fun things to do in Pennsylvania | Things to do in PA | Discount Hotels | MHNSavesThe state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg is a modernized city with architecture and landscape brimming with history. Harrisburg played an important role in the Civil War as well as our introduction to the native people of our country. The positioning of this city presents a great opportunity for travelers to also visit famed Hershey, PA as well as Amish Country. While these are great places in the surrounding area, staying in Harrisburg has oodles to offer within its own confines.

Wildwood Park

“Free” always gets our attention. Come and enjoy this gorgeous sanctuary for free! Located in a picturesque setting on the outskirts of Harrisburg, Wildwood Park offers fun workshops for all ages. With many things to do, a day at the park is sure to satisfy
any outdoor hankerings. Trails, a boardwalk, wildlife, and nature center will provide for a nice day out. A common activity is photography so be sure to bring a camera along with the picnic blanket.

Indian Echo CavernsUnique and fun things to do in Harrisburg, PA |  MHNSaves | Hotel Discount

Once the home of William Wilson who was known as the Pennsylvania Hermit, the caves have since been commercialized and made suitable for visitors. Playground areas, petting zoo, and covered picnic areas outside the caves are there to allow for fun above land as well. Too hot? Too cold? The caverns are 52 degrees year round. Only 9 miles out of downtown Harrisburg, it is certainly worth a short drive to witness what Mother Nature has been working on for millions of years!

Appalachian Brewing Company

Established as the first brewery in the Pennsylvania State Capital in 1951, Appalachian Brewing Company resides in a historic downtown building built in 1915. Handcrafted beers and rustic ambiance fill the air with the sweet smell of a brew pub. The hardwood above and below the ground makes for a great acoustic sound from the many live bands that play regularly. The care put into the cuisine and décor will certainly make ABC a place for even the non-beer drinking sort.

Susquehanna OutfittersUnique and fun things to do in Harrisburg PA |  Things to do in PA | Hotel discounts in PA

Weather permitting; you can have a really relaxing day out on the Susquehanna River with a little help from Susquehanna Outfitters.  The shallow waters offer a perfect stage for canoeing or kayaking with ease.  Biking is a dryer option that can also help to slow the clock down on your trip.  Trails are thoughtfully provided which allow for families to ride together with tandem bikes and trailers for the really little ones.  Swimming holes and fishing are also available for a full spectrum of outdoor fun.  Enjoy your day with nature while enjoying the attractive skyline of Harrisburg.

Harrisburg Riverboat Cruises

Another way to enjoy the waterways in Harrisburg is by Riverboat.  There is a wide variety of cruises from short trips to dinner and also wedding cruises.  There are several companies that operate at different times of the day as well as different parts of the year so calling ahead might be advised.  If you are interested in a murder mystery cruise, as well as other interesting themed cruises, you might look ahead online to The Pride of Susquehanna.

Water Golf   Things to do in Harrisburg PA | MHNSaves | Discount Hotels | Leisure Travel

Tiger Woods need not apply, this is miniature golf!  The reason this attraction is unique is the location and design of this 18 hole course.  Equipped with waterfalls, a 60 foot walking bridge, scenic overlooks, and challenging obstacles, everybody young and old will surely enjoy Water Golf!  Nearby, City Island is a family oriented plot off the mainland in Harrisburg which offers a great view of the Susquehanna mini golf and good times.

Covered Bridges   

In need of a little romance?  Take your sweetheart to one of Pennsylvania’s antique covered bridges.  Closest to Harrisburg is Everhart Covered Bridge. Located in Dauphin County a few miles out of Harrisburg is this walk on only bridge.  Said to bring good luck when kissing under the bridge, it is a perfect place to drop a little romance on your honey.  Built in order to withstand harsh weather, these mainly wooden structures have (with a little preservation) also withstood the test of time.

Whitaker Center for the Arts   

Come and see a masterful balancing act between the arts and science.  Located in the heart of Harrisburg, the center for the arts offers the only IMAX in central Pennsylvania.  Boasting several resident companies at their theater, visitors to Harrisburg will be entertained by a wide variety of music, dance, acting, and more!  Operating to please all ages, Whitaker Center for the Arts contains hundreds of interactive exhibits, the latest Hollywood blockbusters, and big name concert acts are only a few options here as you can go alone or bring the family.  This amazing facility truly has a unique approach to downtown entertainment.

Linglestown Paintball

Looking for some heart pounding excitement?  It is here at this 39 acre war zone!  Only open on the weekends, it is recommended to check ahead for availability and hours.  Get away with letting off some steam by blasting the unexpected with high velocity paint pellets.  14 different fighting scenarios keep it interesting while offering a range of activities for rookies and grunts alike.

The National Civil War Museum   

Highlighting archives from both major military brass and the effects of our little known soldiers, this perfectly plotted museum grants access to the lives of the people who made our country what it is today.  The Exhibit “Why Men Fight” brings home what the motivation of our soldiers really was.  Constantly improving and rotating the prized possessions guarantees a different experience year after year.