Healthy Travel | MHNSaves | Free Travel ManagementRegardless of how much or how little you travel, there are always some common challenges. Once you’ve tackled your packing list, there are other speed bumps that could derail your personal trip including a lapse in your healthy lifestyle. For the next three weeks, we will be featuring a Monday motivation series to help keep you on track while traveling. First is stress-relieving pointers, next week will feature fitness suggestions and the following week are some healthy eating suggestions. Not all of these general travel tips are necessary, but trying to incorporate a few tips into your travel routine will help you stay on track, relaxed and stress free while you travel.

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Research your destination:The more prepared you can be before your traveling, the better and less stressful your travel will be.

Put time aside for a personal conversation with loved ones:Taking time to talk with others will help you relieve stress and keep you connected with your support system.

Bring a distraction:Something to take your mind off of anything causing you stress, such as a book or music will help. For those discount travelers, this is also a good way to save from having to purchase such distractions.MHNSaves | Business Travel | Hotel Discounts

Unplug:Computer, email, Facebook, twitter, cell phones, notebooks,etc are all sources of stress and negative distraction. If you are on vacation, leave your cell phone at the hotel and turn off your computer. A vacation is just that: a break from the usual. Try to give yourself a few hours or even a whole day, to disconnect from the cyber world.

Make a list/itinerary:Properly planned vacations help you stay on track and see everything that you want to see. If you are traveling for business, this also helps you keep all important information in one place. Making a packing list will prevent you from forgetting anything from home as well.

Research your destination:Having a better understanding of where you are going and what is available to you will help you better plan your trip and know your surroundings before you get there.